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Home Birth Services

The Magic of Home Birth

One of the wonderful benefits of home birth is that you are in your own environment. This allows you to have absolute choice over who is present, witnessing this transition for your family. You are surrounded by familiar smells and settings that can bring you strength and peace as you move through your labor. With no need to pack up and go, you are able to surrender in your space and sink into the flow of labor uninterrupted.

Your midwife is on-call for you beginning at 36 weeks of pregnancy, and remain available to you 24/7 until you are in labor. When the big day finally arrives, we will come to you! We arrive quietly and do our best to not disturb you as we set up our supplies and gather information about your labor thus far.

Throughout labor we monitor you and your baby and assess for your well-being and safety. We keep you fed and hydrated, we offer suggestions when you need them, touch when it is welcome, or space as you work through your own process. Many of our clients labor in water for pain relief, and many also give birth in water. Should you desire, we support you or your partner in catching your own sweet baby and protect the sacred and precious bonding time of your first moments together. This joyous event is what fuels our passion for this work!

We routinely limit vaginal exams, perform intermittent fetal monitoring, support physiologic pushing, do not cut episiotomies, protect delayed cord-clamping, advocate for skin-to-skin and early breastfeeding, obtain parent's consent before any procedures or interventions are offered to baby and treat newborns as fully sentient and intelligent beings. We strive to be patient, gentle and respectful, relying on our intellect, observation and intuition rather than fear, protocol or coercion.

We bring all of the necessary tools and equipment to your home, including, but not limited to, instruments to monitor both your vitals and the baby's heart rate during labor, oxygen, medications to stop bleeding, IV fluids, herbal tinctures, homeopathic remedies, and more! In addition, we are trained in many skills that increase the safety of giving birth at home, including, but not limited to adult and infant CPR, and Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP).

If it become evident through our careful observation that you or baby need interventions or monitoring that are not available at home, we are able to transfer you into the care of a hospital-based provider. Should this occur, your midwife stay by your side to continue supporting you at the hospital until your baby is in your arms. The relationship between Miami's hospitals and community midwives has greatly improved over the years, and most hospitals care for our clients with great respect.

After your baby has arrived, we remain with you for two to four hours. During this time, we monitor the transition for you and baby, perform a head-to-toe newborn exam, assist with breastfeeding, prepare a meal for the blissful, tired parents, clean up our supplies and start a load of laundry. When all are stable and tucked into bed, we leave you to get some rest.