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Postpartum Care

Attentive Mother & Well-Baby Care

After your birth, your midwife will visit you at home at 24 hours, three days and one week. You will return to our clinic for your 2-week, 4-week, and 6-week postpartum. Our final visit at six weeks is a bittersweet one, as we celebrate your growth over the past months and send you off with our blessings on your parenting adventure!


Maternal Care

The follow-up care we are able to provide is one of the greatest benefits of midwifery care. Unlike many mothers who are discharged from hospitals only to be seen once at 6 weeks, we see our clients a minimum of six times after they give birth and check in with you on the phone more frequently than that. We honor that the postpartum period is truly the "fourth-trimester" and this vulnerable time deserves the same care and nurturing as the first three trimesters, if not more!

Through this time, we pay close attention to how your body is healing from your birth experience, how breastfeeding is going, how you are doing emotionally, and how this new little one is integrating into your life. We recognize that this period is extremely transformative and that while it is often full of joy and wonder, it can also be filled with exhaustion and grief of what used to be. We are here to listen, hold space and honor what is true for you. We help you to seek and accept support and to celebrate the new shape of your family!

By the time our clients graduate our care, they are feeling strong and confident in themselves and they are fully equipped to parent their little one and take on the challenges and adventure ahead!


Well- Baby Care

After your baby is born, we continue to monitor their vitals, how breastfeeding is going, checking baby's weight, review newborn care and development, and marvel at how adorable they are!

Just as we treat you as a whole person, we do so with your baby as well. We honor their physical and emotional well-being and do our best to support their transition into your family.

Should you choose, we can administer newborn eye prophylaxis, newborn vitamin K, as well as perform the newborn screening tests and follow-up lab work, should it be necessary.